Modeling with Mathematics Institute

Secondary School

 Day 1
 Day 2
 Day 3
 Day 4
 Day 5
 Focus  Experience Modeling


Spending time on each step (depth)

 Questioning and Facilitating  Research and Develop Rich Problems




[P] Using the four problems (elevator)


(30 minutes)

[U]Use Sam Arteste Problem

How to ruin the experience

[R]Stein and Smith
[R]Stein and Smith
[R] Meyer (TED)
[R] West from Asilomar

[P] Discuss the list of modeling projects

Discuss time constraints in classroom

Select chapter from textbook

Complete anything not already done.

Presentations of units, discussions and suggestions for revision

 Break  Break Break Break  Break

Definitions of modeling




[R] Henrys 3 pages


[R] Polya

[R] Freudenthal

[R] ours

 Understand the context

Pull out the math


Continue  Develop a unit using modeling from the chapter

Address the purpose of the modeling problem

 12:00-12:45   Lunch   Lunch   Lunch   Lunch   Lunch
 12:45-3:00 History of   modeling

(20 minutes to read; 10 minutes to discuss)

[R] Modeling Chapter

What careers use mathematical modeling (30 mins)

[R] Careers use math modeling

Obstacles of traditional structure of mathematics (30 mins)

Give participants one or more of  the handbook models to work on in groups

[P] For the Birds

[P] Meteorology

[P] Model Solar System

[P] Viral Marketing

[P] Treasure Beneath the Sea

Use as much of the afternoon as needed

(If time)

Use of multiple representations

(equations, tables, graphs, words, calculators)

use of concrete and visual models

  Assessment  Continue

([R]How to Meyer (TED))

Revise and finalize modeling units

Standards where modeling is suggested in the [R]CaCCSSM


Discuss further steps

[R] Institute evaluation
[R] Overview