California Common Core State Standards

About the CaCCSS-M Task Forces

In 2011, the California Department of Education (CDE)California Mathematics Council (CMC)California Mathematics Project (CMP), and CCSESA’s Mathematics Subcommittee of the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) joined together to provide needed information to California’s teachers on California’s Version of the Common Core Content Standards Mathematics (CaCCSS-M). Each of the groups focused on various aspects of the dissemination by using their expertise to design resources that will provide information on the CaCCSS-M to various constituents in California, including teachers, parents, administrators, and teacher educators.

The CMP, in collaboration with CDE, CMC, CISC, and the California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (CAMTE), established the CaCCSS-M Task Forces to collect, design, and organize resources that could be used in professional development (PD) that will strengthen teachers’ content knowledge to teach those standards: K-2 Number Sense and Place Value, Fractions from a Number Line Approach, Model with Mathematics, Transformational Geometry, and High School Mathematical Modeling. These Task Forces have establish a high quality list of resources that PD providers can use (e.g., articles, books, videos, technology, problems, existing curriculum, outlines of presentations). These resources will be updated on a regular basis.


During Fall of 2013, CMP brings together a new task force for Statistics.  Resources for the Statistics Task Force is expected to be available later in Spring 2014.

Number Sense: Counting to Understanding Algorithms Task Force

Fractions from a Number Line Approach Task Force

Model with Mathematics Task Force

Transformational Geometry Task Force

High School Mathematical Modeling Task Force

Statistics Task Force (coming soon)