Transformational Geometry Resources


Resource Categories:

A: Assessments (Formative, Performance, Summative)
P: Problems, Projects, Activities
R: References (articles, books, reports, data)
L: Lesson Plans
U: Unit Plans
C: Commentary
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Resource Title Resource Description Resource Category Applicable Grade Level(s)
Word Bank This is a list of definitions for the units. C 6-12
Bibliography Annotated bibliography for tranformation geometry R 6-12
Isometry Unit 15 files including facilitator and participant files on rotations, translations, reflections, and some dilations plus a word bank U, L 8-9
Dilations Unit 15 files including an overview of the unit U, L 8-9
Performance Assessments Possible assessment items for unit on isometries or dilations. These are sample MARS items. See website for more information A 7-9
CaCCSS Geometry This is a listing of all the Geometry Standards in the CaCCSS-M R K-12
CaCCSS Introduction This document provides an introduction to transformational geometry. It includes a rationale for why we should teach transformational geometry. C 6-12
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