Release Date: May 1, 2020

Eligibility: Currently-funded CMP sites

Submission Deadline    

Friday May 29, 2020 at 4:00pm

All sites required to submit completed application packet to CMP Statewide Office.
(see submission instructions below)

Documents and Templates

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Application Submission

Format Requirements

  • 12 pt font;1.5 line spacing;1 inch margins
  • Name of the CSMP Site and page numbers listed in the footer of all pages
  • Table of Contents

Order of Contents

  1. Signature Page
  2. Scope of Work for 2020-21
    Scope of Work for 2021-22
  3. Budget & Narrative for 2020-21
    Budget & Narrative for 2021-22

Electronic Submissions

Please upload complete applications in one submission as only the most recent submission is saved.                 
<Click here to upload your Application>
File size limit: 50MB

Submission instructions:

  1. Complete application including signature page in one single PDF.
    PDF generated directly from computer.  No scans, no MS Word files.
  2. Budget Worksheets (2)– MS Excel file.
    Include a PDF copy in the appropriate section of the ACF
  3. Budget Narratives (2) – PDF generated directly from computer.
    Include a PDF copy in the appropriate section of the ACF.
  4. Signature Page – Either scan with original signatures or electronically with digital signatures.
    Include a PDF copy in the appropriate section of the application.

There are no hard copy requirements.  All components to be submitted electronically.