Release Date (w/ CMP Cover Letter): December 18, 2019

Eligibility: Currently-funded CMP sites

Submission Deadline    

Friday February 7, 2020 at 4:00pm

All sites required to submit completed State and Federal application packets to CMP Statewide Office.
(see submission instructions below)

FAQ Webinar

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Link to join the meeting:


ACF Documents and Templates

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Proposal Submission

Submit one complete proposal for each funding source.  CSMP sites receiving both State and Federal funds must submit two (2) separate proposals.

Format Requirements

  • 12 pt font;1.5 line spacing;1 inch margins
  • Name of the CSMP Site and page numbers listed in the footer of all pages
  • Table of Contents

Order of Contents

  1.  Signature Page
  2.  Progress Report for Year 3
  3.  Scope of Work for Year 4
  4.  Budget & Narrative for Year 4

Electronic Submissions

Please upload complete applications in one submission as only the most recent submission is saved.                 
<Click here to upload your 2020-2021 ACF>
File size limit: 50MB

Submission instructions:

  1. Complete proposal including signature page in one single PDF.
    PDF generated directly from computer.  No scans, no MS Word files.
  2. Budget Worksheet – MS Excel file.
    Include a PDF copy in the appropriate section of the ACF
  3. Budget Narrative – PDF generated directly from computer.
    Include a PDF copy in the appropriate section of the ACF.
  4. Signature Page – Either scan with original signatures or electronically with digital signatures.
    Include a PDF copy in the appropriate section of the ACF.

There are no hard copy requirements.  All components to be submitted electronically.