Thanks to All Task Force Members!

A big “thank you” to the Task Force Chairs for their efforts in facilitating the conversation and efforts to produce the set of resources that are included in the CaCCSS-M Resources. They were responsible for scheduling the meetings, both face-to-face and virtual, and for ensuring that the resources were of the highest quality. They contributed many hours to this effort. Thank you to all of the Task Force Members who provided their expertise and ideas.

CaCCSS-M Task Force Leadership Team

Susie W. Hakansson, CMP, Chair
Joanne Rossi Becker, CAMTE
Patrick Callahan, CMP
April Cherrington, CISC
Stacey Christopher, CDE
Pat Duckhorn, CISC
Joan Easterday, CMC
Jim Greco, CDE
Phil Lafontaine, CDE
Kathlan Latimer, CMC
Sue Stickel, CISC
Gary Waddell, CISC
Sheri Willebrand, CMC

Number Sense: Counting to Understanding Algorithms Task Force Members

Sheri Willebrand, CMC, Chair
Jonathan Dueck, CISC, Co-Chair
Lisa Sandberg, CISC, Co-Chair
Gloria Brown-Brooks, CAMTE
Phyllis Chinn, CMP
Linda Dilger, CISC
Joan Easterday, CMC
Mary Euretig, CMC
Jennifer Hodges, CISC
Vicky Kukuruda, CISC
Kathlan Latimer, CMC
Adelita Martinez, CISC
Deandrea Murrey, CMP
JoAnn Stephens, CMC
Patrick Callahan, CMP, Leadership Team Liaison

Fractions Task Force Members

Greisy Winicki-Landman, CMP, Chair
Nadine Bezuk, CAMTE
April Cherrington, CISC
Joan Easterday, CMC
Doreen Heath Lance, CMP
Pam Hutchison, CMP
Natalie Mejia, CMC
Gregorio Ponce, CMP
Debbie Stetson, CMP
Pat Duckhorn, CISC, Leadership Team Liaison
Kathlan Latimer, CMC, Leadership Team Liaison

Modeling with Mathematics Task Force Members

Kyndall Brown, CMP, Chair
Carol Cronk, CMP
Vicky Kukuruda, CISC
Joan Easterday, Leadership Team Liaison

Transformational Geometry Task Force Members

Joanne Rossi Becker, CMP, Chair
Karen Arth, CMP
Davida Fischman, CMP
Julie Joseph, CISC
Shelley Kriegler, CMC
Shawn McMurran, CMP

High School Mathematical Modeling Task Force Members

Margaret Kidd, CMP, Chair
Bruce Grip, CMC
Xihui Li, CAMTE
Joan Easterday, Leadership Team Liaison

A Special Thanks to Patrick Callahan and Tsai-Tsai O-Lee

A special “thank you” to Patrick Callahan, CMP Co-Director of Special Projects, for his vision in formulating this website to house the resources. This provided the opportunity for more people to access these resources and to select which resources were most appropriate for their purpose. Thank you, also, to Tsai-Tsai O-Lee, Management Services Officer, for creating this website and providing the technical assistance to the Task Forces in how to upload information onto the website. She provided many hours to support this effort.